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We are meticulous in everything we do. See how our services can keep your car protected for years to come.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

A Ceramic coating is a protective layer that eliminates the need for constant upkeep while bringing the best finish out. Ceramics bond on the molecular level of the clear coat and gives it a finish that lasts for years, all while protecting against harsh elements like water spotting and chemical etching (bugs/treesap/bird droppings). Not only does this protective coating help prevent corrosion, but it also adds extreme hydrophobic properties to the surface of your vehicle, making it much easier to wash & dry & stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

The long term benefits of a coating out weight the upfront cost, you will not need to have your vehicle polished every year to keep your vehicle paint in mint condition, coatings not only will provide excellent protection against the seasons in the PNW
but they greatly minimize the amount of swirl marks on your paint finish. Why?

The Hydrophobic properties empulsive and capture the dirt particles inside the water beads carrying them swiftly off the paint when you rinse your vehicle , ultimately reducing the overall contaminates that cause the swirl marks in the first place, (the cleaner the vehicle is before the “contact portion “ of the washing process the less likely you will scratch your vehicle) <- in red highlight . Not only that but drying the vehicle is also another variable many times scratches happen, the constant wiping , trying to dry your vehicle with no protection causes friction which equals to a higher chance you could be swirling your paint .

A good rule of thumb we always tell our clients “ the less times you touch your paint the better” once coated, maintenance washes are a breeze , just rinse , wipe / dry . An average sedan would take 20-30 minutes tops rather than a hour from start to finish .

Annual maintenance is all that is needed with ceramic coatings. Here at The Auto Barber


Read our protective coating article to truly understand everything about this nano-technology!

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